Supporting all service personnel and their families in Wanganui

The RSA exists to honour our current and former service personal by helping them and their families get the support they need.

Our mission is to remember and care for all those impacted by service for New Zealand in military operations.


Members are hereby notified the Annual General Meeting for the Audited Accounts prior to the AMALGAMATION of the two clubs has been postponed until Sunday 21st July 2019 at 10.00 am due to the difficulties of obtaining an Audit Report in time for the AGM in May.

Geoff Chowles, President

Wally Wallbutton, RSA Executive Officer

RSA & Club Metro

With the amalgamation of the Cosmopolitan Club and the Wanganui RSA, the RSA resolved into two distinct entities. The social aspects of the RSA have merged with the social aspects of the Cosmopolitan Club as Club Metro. The Wanganui RSA Welfare Trust is a separate entity occupying offices within the Club Metro premises.

Wanganui RSA Welfare Trust

The Wanganui Welfare Trust comprises the current Wanganui RSA committee members, Lou Wallbutton, and the Local Support Advisor, Wally Wallbutton.

Find and Contact Us

As you enter the Club Metro foyer, turn to your left and you’ll find the Wanganui RSA Welfare Trust offices.

Lou Ockley is in the office on Mondays from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. At all times including outside office hours Wally can be contacted on 027 344 5750.

  • Office Phone: 06 345 5750
  • Local Support Advisor, Wally Wallbutton: 027 344 5750

Wanganui Women’s Section

The Wanganui Women’s Section is a group of ladies who are helpful in many ways to the RSA Community including Poppy collections and Anzac Day. They also collect for local charities. At the monthly meetings there is a guest speaker or entertainment, raffles and morning tea.